Arduino Type K Temperature Indicator

There are lots of Arduino projects to read temperature with different devices, this is an easy one to measure high temperatures with type K thermocouples (1300ºC).Skills necessary for this project are basic (buying max IC already mounted) but I have mount an MAX31855 in a printed circuit (thanks to Antonio an specialist in this).With this hand held instrument, is possible to have an accurate temperature rea ...

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Arduino Projects: Digital Audio Recorder

Being able to capture sound, store it and play it over and over again never fails to leave me in awe of its pioneers, from Thomas Edison to Alan Blumlein, the British electrical engineer who, in 1931, invented ‘binaural recording’ – what we now call ‘stereo’. (Never heard of him? Blumlein amassed 128 patents in audio, radar and television that are still in use today, but tragically, was killed in a plane cr ...

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