Automated Point to Point Model Railroad With Yard Siding

In this post, we will discuss Automated-Point-to-Point-Model-Railroad-With-Yard-Siding: Arduino microcontrollers open great possibilities in model railroading, especially when it comes to automation. This project is an example of such an application. It is a continuation of one of the previous projects. This project comprises of a point to point model railroad layout with a yard siding to house a train. All ...

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Simple Automated Point to Point Model Railroad Running Two Trains

Arduino microcontrollers are a great way of automating model railroad layouts due to their low-cost availability, open-source hardware and software and a large community to help you. For model railroads, Arduino microcontrollers can prove to be a great resource for automating their layouts in a simple and cost-effective way. This project is such an example of automation of a multi-point model railroad layou ...

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