Sine wave oscillator using LM741

The oscillators are the devices that generate oscillatory (AC) output from given DC input. There are different kinds of oscillators based on the output waveform they generate. Like ·         Sinusoidal oscillators – they generate sinusoidal (sine) wave output ·         Square wave oscillators – they generate square (or rectangular) wave output ·         Triangular wave oscillators – they generate triangle o ...

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DIY Arduino radar with display

Makers, Arduino enthusiasts and students looking to learn more about ultrasonic sensors, may be interested in this DIY Arduino radar created by Mr Innovative. Capable of detecting objects placed in front of it the radar features a revolving dish capable of detecting objects in its line of sight. Watch the video below to learn more about its features, construction and capabilities. Mr Innovative explains mor ...

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6 GHz frequency modulated radar

Introduction I've for some time now wanted to do more RF design. Although I have taken some RF design courses, I haven't actually made a single RF design before. But you can't learn without doing and inspired by the MIT coffee can radar designed by Gregory Charvat, I figured that building a radar should be a doable project that would offer some challenge while also having some real world use. The simplest r ...

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