POV Cylinder with Arduino Due

Introduction This is my first Arduino project. My work was inspired by several maker projects that created Persistence of Vision Displays [2,3,4]. Persistence of vision (POV) refers to the optical illusion whereby multiple discrete images blend into a single image in the human mind and believed to be the explanation for motion perception in cinema and animated films [1]. The projects [2,3,4] implement POV g ...

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How to Make a POV Display Using LEDs and Arduino

Here is a simple project using an Arduino and some LEDs. What we are going to learn here today is how to make a POV display or Persistence-Of-Vision display. It is made out of just 6$ worth of components. This tutorial gives will teach you how to make a simple and a cheap Arduino POV display. We can use this display as a pocket-sized portable message showing device and tabletop clock. How Does it Work? What ...

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Arduino + LEDs + fan = POV “APPLAUSE” sign

I saw these POV(Persistence of Vision)  devices on other Instructables and thought I would like to make one and I have always wanted my own "APPLAUSE" sign.  Next improvement will be to make it go on whenever I enter the room.  :)  Maybe have it say, "And here's Charlie !" But that is for another time. So I got a fan at a garage sale, did some reading , found some code and below is a video of my machine in ...

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