Arduino PIR Motion Sensor

This Instructable is about how to create an Arduino PIR motion sensor for your room or office, using parts available from your local Radio Shack! Whether you're looking for a cool and easy-to-build security sensor, or an awesome first project to dive into the world of Arduino, Microcontrollers, and electronics, this project is for you. (This project really is easy. Take it from me, I'm 12, and I've only had ...

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Arduino PIR motion water gun

first what youll notice my grammer isnt the best :) ok what youll need: 1 transister/mosfet that can handle the current for the water gun motor, this is the one i used -   -   then a diode, i used this one  -   - then a 10k ohm resistor, then a PIR, i didnt use this one but it should work -   ...

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