Arduino-powered A-10 stick grip remote w/Emergency Party Button

I came across Plama2002's "Emergency Party Button" build a while back and wanted something similar for my bar. I also had an old USAF B-8 stick grip from an A-10A that I picked up in my previous life. I figured instead of just being a conversation piece, I could put it to good use as a remote control for my AV system. What I came up with is a master control box that: - Controls my SAT TV, music server and i ...

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Arduino Motor Party

In this instructable I will show you how to throw an Arduino motor party. I will also be giving away an Arduino Mega, Arduino Uno, and an Arduino Pro Mini. (Details at the end) Step 1: Assembly + Code You'll need a handful of motors to throw a party. I used 2 servo motors, 1 stepper motor and 1 dc motor. You will also need an Arduino Uno, an Adafruit Motor Shield and a separate 5-12vdc power supply for the ...

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