NXP shrinks power transistor design for mobiles

NXP has just released its new PMPB40SNA, a 60 V, 40 mΩ N-channel automotive MOSFET in a compact 2 x 2 mm DFN2020MD-6 (SOT1220) package. The DFN2020MD-6 is an industry first, featuring 100% wettable and therefore solderable flanks (side pads). This makes soldering and inspection much easier and is aligned with the automotive optical solder inspection requirements! It is the perfect space-saving solution, abo ...

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SO-8 mosfet, NXP cuts on-resistance to make 1.4mohm

NXP Semiconductors has introduced a mosfet in a SO8 package with a low RDSon of just 1.4mohm at 4.5V. The Power-SO8 package is qualified to 175 deg C According to the supplier, the device is the first in the NextPower LFPAK series of 25V and 30V mosfets which will be expanded to a full portfolio in the coming months. “The low RDSon significantly reduces losses; this in turn enables increased energy efficien ...

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Novel protection blocks transients on HDMI

The IP4786CZ32 is designed to protect High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) transmitter host interfaces. It includes HDMI 5 V overcurrent / overvoltage protection, Data Display Channel (DDC) buffering and decoupling, hot plug detect, backdrive protection, Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) buffering and decoupling, and ±8 kV contact ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) protection for all I/Os in accordance wi ...

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