Getting Started With The MSP430

This tutorial is an introductory tutorial on getting started with the MSP430 series of controllers by Texas Instruments. There are millions and trillions of ways to start using microcontrollers. Hobbyist or people who find hard to code normally prefers Arduino as their coding environment, while engineers might prefer using AVR/PIC. The MSP430 microcontroller is an extremely versatile platform which supports ...

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MSP430 FET using TI Launchpad

In order to do In System Programming (ISP) you usually need a Flash Emulator Tool (FET). For the Texas instruments MSP340 family you can buy the one that TI sells for their MCUs: That costs about 100$ and it isn't too much if you program MCUs for a living. It can work with supplies from 1.8V to 3.6V and do program/debug using JTAG or Spy-By-Wire (2 Wire) interfaces. For the hacker that buys their own tools ...

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