IFA: more octo-core phones

Two phone makers have announced products with octa-core ARM processors from Taiwanese chip firm MediaTek at IFA in Berlin, where AllWinner announced an octo-core processor this morning. Alcatel has used MT6592 which has eight ARM Cortex-A7s and an ARM Mali GPU in its Hero 2. The LTE modem is another MediaTek chip: the MT6290. Mali in this case can run 1080P on the 6inch screen and, in conjunction with the a ...

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NAND scaling issues becoming more complex

NAND process geometries have become as problematic as logic process geometries with the advantages of further scaling – especially as 3D NAND approaches – being questioned. NAND process geometry is currently at 20nm and should be 10-20nm in 2017, says IC Insights adding “reported minimum feature sizes and mass production definitions are very imprecise and may be influenced by marketing numbers games.” Samsu ...

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