Simple Temperature With Thermistor + Arduino

A Thermistor is a thermal-resistor. It’s just a simple device that changes it’s resistance based on temperature. If the LRD/Photoresistor is day of of arduino class. The thermistor should be day 1.01. (Can I do that?). If you need precise temperature readings, this is not the part for you. Check out the DS18B20, TMP102, or MLX90614 Thermistors are not that precise or anything, so you wont be able to tell th ...

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Thermal Camera: Arduino UNO + MLX90614 IR Thermometer

I  did the following steps: 1) Hardware: Connect the MLX90614 (refer to the datasheet) as follows: Pin 1 on MLX (SCL) connect to ANALOG pin 5 on Arduino Pin 2 on MLX (SDA) connect to ANALOG pin 4 on Arduino Pin 3 on MLX (VDD) connect to 3.3V on Arduino Pin 4 on MLX (VSS) connect to GROUND on ArduinoNow use "pull ups" on the SCL and SDA lines by connecting a 4.7K ohm resistor from the Pin 3 VDD line to the S ...

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