Arduino MicroBot Project

Steps On the breadboard, build two bi-directional motor control circuits (also known as "H-bridge") circuits. These circuits will control the two DC motors that drive the wheels. Each circuit will have two wires from the Arduino (one for forward, one for backward) to control the circuit, and two wires from the single DC motor that it is controlling. You should test your circuits to ensure you can control bo ...

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Arduino Nano based Microbot

This instructable was created to be entered in the Robot Challenge. If I win, the parts will of course, go into robots like this one. Notes on how to include some of the very components in the prize packages are given in the last step. I am 28, so of course, I'm not going for the student prizes. I created this as a simple project for those just starting out in robotics. It is relatively inexpensive, require ...

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