Build the Ultimate Larson Scanner! using arduino

I have watched the availability of high power (>10W) LED's jump over the past year or so and... drop in price.  I came across some very inexpensive 10W white LED's from Deal Extreme that were in the $3 dollar range and put out 900lumens, which is more than a 60W incandescent bulb. I immediately thought 16 of these would make a great Larson scanner. What exact neuron sequence fired in my brain that caused ...

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The KITT-duino, DIY Larson Scanner with an Arduino

IMPORTANT: CODE IS NOW UPDATED. FIXES INCLUDE ADDING AN INTEGER VALUE TO MANIPULATE TIMING AND FIXING A DOUBLE-BLINKING LED. Thanks. It is my understanding that many Larson Scanners can only pulse from side to side. I felt that that needed to be changed, seeing as that in the newer (yet short-lived) Knight Rider series revival on NBC for about 1/2 of a real season, the iconic red lights would move from righ ...

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