larryBot – Arduino robot versions 0.1 to 0.5 lessons learned

So I’ve decided to build a robot using Arduino to control the sensors. Here’s my progress so far – I am hoping that my mistakes here and over the coming posts will guide people in more detail about what to avoid. Also I won’t provide a parts list until I have a working robot… The purpose of my early version of larryBot is to create a basic robot that can be controlled with Arduino and that can be made from ...

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Obstacle avoidance Arduino robot – build your own larryBot

So after 5 previous versions that had various flaws, I now have an Arduino robot that actually works and although basic is very cheap – although there a probably a few more flaws so please point them out to me but this is a good start on how to make your own robot. In order to catch up, please see my previous posts below, describing the problems that the other 5 versions had, how the h-bridge chip works and ...

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