FPGAs For MCU Guys

A little while ago, it struck me that I was getting tired of explaining what FPGAs are and how they work their magic to those of my chums who -- thus far -- have worked only with microcontrollers (MCUs), so I decided to write a three-part mini-series of articles to offer as an introduction. As I said in the first column: A lot of my friends are highly experienced embedded design engineers, but they come fro ...

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What language is Arduino

What language is Arduino? Arduino is not a language, Its an electronic board, built with several other components to perform different programmed tasks. Think of it as mini-computer but we don't have keyboard, lcd attached with it, still it has its own ram, cpu processing power, rom. Input / Outputs etc. Think of getting done something like turn on outside lights when the sun-light level get low. We can pro ...

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Sign Language Translator using Arduino

First of all, this project is not finished. We're still trying to improve and fix some problems. Right now, we're only able to translate letters from "A" to "E". The program still have problems while identificating those letters, the values for each of them match sometimes, so we're still trying to fix this. Many people around the world suffer from speech problems, and can't communicate with others in the s ...

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