Analog Speedometer Using Arduino and IR Sensor

Measuring the speed/rpm of a Vehicle or a motor has always been a fascinating project to try. In this project, we are going to build a Analog Speedometer using the Arduino. We will use IR Sensor module to measure the speed. There are other ways/sensors for this, like hall sensor to measure speed, but using an IR sensor is easy because IR sensor module is very common device and we can get it easily from the ...

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Arduino – Using a Sharp IR Sensor for Distance Calculation

Well, looks like my sonar sensor (SRF05) is a just a tad inaccurate for precise measurement as I found from my radar screen I made (Arduino Radar Sscreen). So I’ve got hold of a Sharp GP2Y0A02 series infrared distance sensor. It’ll detect and measure anything within a 20-150cm range and it does this by triangulation from where it emits a beam of IR and from when it receives it – this isn’t too important to ...

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Connecting an IR Sensor

Schematic Since the IR Sensor uses a light sensor, the schematic is very similar to that of the light sensor. The only difference is the addition of an IR LED and that the IR detector requires connection to 5V and ground. Breadboard Setup To setup the sensors you will need: 2x IR Detectors 2x IR LEDs in housings 2x 2kΩ resistors (red-black-red) 2x 220Ω resistors (red-red-brown) 2x red jumper wires 2x black ...

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