Arduino Interrupts and Debouncing

Arduino Interrupts and Debouncing

Interrupts are an extremely useful, yet often feared element of microprocessors. Interrupts allow you to run a program, while still being able to react to asynchronous input from the outside world. [box type=”note” color=” #202020 ” bg=”#ffbb00 ” font=”verdana” fontsize=”14″ radius=”20 ” border=”#000″ float=”right” head=”Attributes”]Thanks to Jeremy , for this articles[/box] On many platforms they can […]

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Arduino Platform Interrupts Introduction

Arduino Platform – Interrupts Introduction

Introduction This is my second article relating to the Arduino Microprocessor Platform. The first one was a simple implementation of the SIMON game using the Arduino. The article can be found here. For an introduction to the Arduino Hardware, see jeffb42‘s excellent articles, as there is no point in repeating things here. What Is This

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