In the world of Internet of Things, it’s easy enough to get something connected to the Internet. But what should you use to communicate with and control it? There are many standards and tools available, but the best choice is always to use the tools you have on hand. [Victor] found himself in this situation, and found that the best way to control an Internet-connected car was to use the Flask server he alre ...

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Plant Monitoring System using AWS IoT

Story Picture this you are going on a vacation for a week or so and are worried about your house plant at home.Here is a great project to under take a week before you head out for your vacation. Build yourself a plant monitoring and notification system with the following feature Monitor the Temperature,Light Value and Soil moisture value using OR using the new Amazon IoT service to log data to AWS ...

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Paint Your Dimmer Switch on the Wall

Motivation What to do you do when you have some Bare Conductive paint and some Philips Hue lightbulbs laying around? You paint a dimmer switch on your wall using conductive paint! Getting Started Some things you'll need to get started: Arduino Due (or Zero) AnduinoWiFi shield (or another WiFi101 enabled Arduino) Bare Conductive Touch Board Conductive paint Philips Hue Lights and Bridge Hardware The Bare Con ...

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