IoT Cloud – Getting Started

Get familiar with the Arduino IoT Cloud and take your first steps into the world of connected objects. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 A MKR1010 is also a perfect option, or you could use a MKR IOT Bundle (see below) × 1 Arduino MKR IoT Bundle × 1 Breadboard (generic) × 1 LED (generic) A generic 20mA LED × 1 Resistor 221 ohm In our example we used a 150Ω resistor to limit the ...

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Internet Controlled Mains Switcher

This is a very low cost and basic from of home automation allowing you to turn on and off lights and other devices using your computer or mobile phone. It has been built and tested use using UK power plugs, but the same protocol is used on many budget remote power switchers from around the world. Step 1: What You Will Need You will need... A Spark Core wi-fi development kit A remote controlled mains sockets ...

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