Make A Bleuette, The Hexapod Robot Using Arduino

Bleuette project is hexapod robot equipped with 6 legs that can be operated without any external guidance. The French project is fully open hardware (made entirely with  an Ultimaker 3D printer) / opensource and operates on a Arduino Leonardo board with a custom shield developed for it and available on Hugo’s website, the author of the …

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DIY handmade Hexapod with arduino (Hexdrake)

Hello, I’m David and in this instructable I’ll show how I made this hexapod whose name is Hexdrake. Since I was 16 I became interested in electronic and later in robotics. After getting some level and programming skills using arduino I decided to build a robot something more interesting than a simple robot with two …

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Arduino Hexapod Robot

Arduino Hexapod Robot Design I will show you how to build an arduino hexapod robot, from building the body, to how to implement the algorithm. To learn about the implementation of the algorithm, read this first, if you are not sure what is IK, read this. China_icon 中文翻译:http://blog.oscarliang.net/arduino-liu-zhua-kun-chong-liu-zhua-shou-ji-yuan-dai-ma/ I ordered parts from a robot frame …

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