Build the Internet for your friend

Background A few years ago, a co-worker turned me on to this TV program called "The IT Crowd". The show revolves around a two-person IT team and their "Relationship Manager", Jen, who inadvertently landed the job by including some basic PC skills on her resume. Moss and Roy resent her for getting the position both wanted, and will occasionally try to help expose Jen as a hopeless non-technical leader that h ...

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Turn your Arduino into the best gift of all

Please vote for me in the Holiday Gift contest and the Make it Glow contest! First, this started out as a gift, and not an instructable. So please excuse some hand waving here and there as I do not have any pictures of the etching and drilling portions. Second, this is for my dear dear wife. Yep, I got lucky enough to have a wife who likes to solder. We found out this summer when out of the blue she asked m ...

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