Solar powered wireless Arduino based Geiger counter porject.

Hello, I have plans to build myself a solar powered wireless Geiger counter using a RH Electronics Arduino IDE Geiger counter connected via a serial connection through a logic level converter to a 3.3V ATmega328P-AU Pro MCU with an ESP8266 serial WiFi tranceiver to send the readings from the Geiger counter to intend to connect the hardware together something like this, #include <SPI.h> #i ...

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Geiger–Müller counter that can work with Arduino or (almost) any evaluation board

The Geiger–Müller counter is a relatively simple tool to measure ionizing radiation. To increase sensitivity, construction presented here contains three (instead of one as usually) soviet STS-5 lamps. This is important for measurements of natural sources of (low) radiation like soil, rocks (an article about my trip with Geiger–Müller counter on Śnieżka mountain). Principle of operation of a Geiger–Müller co ...

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Geiger counter triggered LED decorations using arduino

Bored of blinky lights that blink in response to time? Make them blink with space instead! This instructable shows a quick method for connecting LED tree decorations to a Geiger counter via arduino, so that the lights blink between different strings each time radiation is detected. It's nicer to think of this as "cosmic rays" than some of the other possibilities... What you'll need: A Geiger counter with pu ...

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