Mini Arduino Lux Meter

I needed a Lux meter for testing flashlights. There are some good lux meters available in the $15-25 range, but shipping always takes a long time and I needed it now. That's when I realized that I had an unused BH1750 light meter module laying around, which I bought some time ago but never used it. So I grabbed an Arduino, a Nokia 5110 LCD, wired everything up on a breadboard and had a functioning lux meter ...

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BooSTick – small AA voltage booster

Featured on: BooSTick has captured imaginations around the world and has been featured on some really cool international online blogs and magazines! Slightly larger than a AA battery with holder, but supplies higher voltage for anything! This tiny board allows you to bring the power to your project, and not the other way around. Bring your micro to the sensor without running wires! A single AA battery is us ...

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Open-Source SWD Programming Adapter

After making the switch from AVR to STM32 microcontrollers, I redesigned my old 6-pin ICSP pogo-programming adapter for SWD. The new design allows programming with pogo pins or a small pin header soldered to the pogo pads for debugging, all with the same cable. The footprint uses surface mount pads only, so it can be placed on even the most compact board layouts. The ST-link adapter I designed a small PCB w ...

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