For every project that uses an Arduino to make soup or an ESP8266 to hash bitcoin, there’s always someone out there uttering the same old refrain. I could have done it with a 555. More often than not, this is true, even if it is tangential to the discussion being had. In this case however, such a statement is moot. [lonesoulsurfer] has built the Fizzle Loop Synth, featuring not one, but three triple-nickel ...

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ESP8266 Troubleshooting Guide

The ESP8266 has a few common issues, specially when you are trying to flash a new firmware or uploading scripts. This is a companion guide to the Home Automation using ESP8266 and Password Protected Web Server eBooks. Here’s a compilation with some of the most common problems with the ESP8266 and how to fix them. ESP8266 Troubleshooting – NodeMCU Flasher Where do I download the NodeMCU flasher? Go to the No ...

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Arduino Tri-colour LED Flasher Circuit

This simple tri-colour LED flasher circuit is great for beginners. The three pin tri-colour LED is controller by an Arduino Uno and changed between three colours. This video shows the Arduino running a sketch that controls the tri-colour LED. Circuit Diagram for the Arduino Tri-colour LED Controller The circuit is very simple, using only three components. The tri-colour LED is a three pin common cathode typ ...

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