Arduino-Controlled Physics Lab Fan-Cart

A "fan cart" is a roughly constant-force device used in introductory physics labs. It consists of a fan (usually a model airplane propeller on a brushed DC motor) mounted on top of a low-friction cart. Students use it to pretend they're learning something about force, acceleration, energy, etc. If you've ever taken an introductory physics lab, there's a good chance you've seen one. A couple weeks ago I was ...

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Improved Fan Cart

In an earlier post I described an Arduino-controlled fan cart. The driver I used was an L293D quad half-H chip, because I had one handy and was out of simpler parts at the time. It's always bugged me that I was just controlling speed on that cart, since it's possible to control direction with an H-bridge also. I'd also gotten several suggestions of other features the fan-cart could have; and I've learned a ...

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