How to Make a 8bit Dot Matrix Display Using Arduino

A simple project to display cool 8bit art and animation on your backpack! This is a quick and easy project you could finish off in minutes and show off to your friends. What it does is, when you move your backpack, a dot matrix display turns on and shows any character you have programmed in it. In this case its a fun pixelated character. Required Materials 1. MAX7219 Dot Matrix Display Module 2. Arduino ...

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5X5 dot matrix on Arduino

With this you just type the text you want on your computer and your 5x5 dot matrix shows the message. Used: ~25 leds ~Arduino uno ~5x 100ohm resistor ~and a bit of skripting It took me a while to figure this all out but in the end it was quite rewarding. not really practical though. :) Enjoy. Plz comment and let me know what you think. Step 1: You wil need.. 25 leds Breadboard Arduino-  have the uno- Sharp ...

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