Small Arduino DMX controller

In this post we show you how to make a small and useful Arduino DMX512 controller, which can use by example to handle a smoke machine with DMX, or as test equipment, etc… We can use Arduino Mega, Arduino UNO, and other with small changes. Only a handful of inexpensive components are used. In the configuration shown we have 6 channels with variable values, provided by 6 potentiometers connected to the Arduin ...

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DMX Ardweeny Node using Arduino

I've settled on the lighting industry standard of DMX as my overall control protocol as I explore the world of blinky lights.  This universal control method is electrically robust, radio transmissible, and flexible enough for my needs (not to mention the needs of major concert, theatrical, and entertainment venues.)  There are a variety of DMX sequence controllers from free to thousands of dollars. To that ...

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