A simple DIY Oscilloscope with Arduino Uno and Mega

My DIY Oscilloscope, how i got my signal Content : - Description - Screenshots - Video - Credits and links Descriptions I am experimenting with RF and IR signals in various frequencies and had some trouble with the receivers and needed to see what kind of signal i was receiving. I cannot afford a real oscilloscope but i knew about the older Arduino oscilloscopes. After trying many different versions of code ...

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A PC and an Arduino: here’s your DIY Oscilloscope

Project Summary: We have designed an Oscilloscope using PC and Arduino Board. The signal is first of all fed to the Arduino Board where the analog signal is converted to a digital signal by the ADC which is then serially outputted to the PC and is read by the MATLAB software via the COM ports. Here the signal is read in the form of digital data but then is converted to analog one by using the resolution of ...

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