Digispark DIY: The smallest USB Arduino

Digispark is an ATtiny85 based microcontroller development board come with USB interface. Coding is similar to Arduino, and it use the familiar Arduino IDE for development. Digispark is copyrighted by Digistump LLC (digistump.com) and the full license is here: http://digistump.com/wiki/digispark/policy Specification: Support for the Arduino IDE 1.0+ (OSX/Win/Linux) Power via USB or External Source - 5v or 7 ...

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Digispark Pro – tiny, Arduino ready, mobile & usb dev board!

The tiny Arduino IDE ready, usb and mobile dev board and ecosystem - cheap enough to leave in any project! Wi-fi, BLE, and 25+ shields! Missed out? Pre-Orders! Did you miss out on this Kickstarter - Don't Worry! You can preorder a Digispark Pro at http://digistump.com/getpro Thank You! Thank you to our amazing backers! This project blew past our goals and hopes - we can't wait to get the Digispark Pros in y ...

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