Arduino-Based “Analog” Slow Cooker Controller

I had two options: One required me to spend money. The other cost me nothing and gave me an opportunity to make something useful. To make a short story longer, I have an “analog” slow cooker (just a dial on the front) and I wanted the ability to set the cooking time and temperature. Now I could have just gone out and bought an appliance timer, which certainly would have done the job. But that wouldn’t have ...

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Arduino Sous-Vide Cooker

Sous-vide cooking allows you to precisely control the temperature of cooked food (how "doneness" is measured) by immersing it in a carefully controlled water bath. It's possible, but seriously difficult, to do this just with a thermometer and a pot on the stove... but if you have an Arduino do all the hard work for you, you can literally "set it and forget it."Materials: - Arduino microcontroller (I use the ...

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