Glowing Color-Changing Guitar

In the kingdom of rock and roll it is important to set oneself apart. With millions of people in this world who can play the guitar, simply playing well is just not going to cut it. You need something extra to rise up as a rock god. Consider this guitar the mystical glowing ax bestowed upon you by the Rock Goddess of Bangs; The fabled ax that will lay waste to nonbelievers and shred through the aether with ...

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Color changing display

Custom made Multiple color display. Have you ever wanted a display that is a little larger then one you can buy? Have you ever wanted to make a display the way you wanted it? Me too! This is how I made a custom multiple color display that I use for temperature. Step 1: Supplies and Tools [box color="#985D00" bg="#FFF8CB" font="verdana" fontsize="14 " radius="20 " border="#985D12" float="right" head="Major C ...

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Color Changing Night Light with ATtiny using Arduino

I wanted to create something for my wife as a present and this is what I came up with. This is a dark activated color changing night light. It has a sensor that can tell when the room light is turned off. This then will light a RGB LED and slowly fade through different colors. Its brains is a ATtiny85, but you could also use an Arduino.  We have little boys that would appreciate this on at night. Step 1: Pa ...

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