AI Auto-Classify Trash Can

This project is a trash can that recognizes and classifies garbage automatically. Use Machine-Learning and Arduino in Scratch. How it works 1. Camera takes an image of garbage. 2. Machine-Learning model recognizes the classification of garbage by the image. 3. Electrical and mechanical parts drive the garbage into diffrent palce by its classification. Beginner-friendly Machine-Learning, Block-coding and …

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a small USB to CAN adapter

The CANable: a small USB to CAN adapter

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The CANable is a hardware clone of Eric Evenchick’s CANtact project, an open-hardware USB to CAN adapter compatible with socketcan. I took his design and reworked the hardware to be a bit more suitable for my personal needs, with a screw terminal instead of a DB9 connector and a much smaller PCB. The design is …

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