Controlling Arduino with Raspberry Pi using pyFirmata

Controlling Arduino with Raspberry Pi using pyFirmata Although Raspberry Pi and Arduino are two different hardware in terms of their applications and structure, but they both are considered as two competing open source hardware platforms. They both have very strong community and support. Today we will slightly change things, and show you how we can take advantage of both of them. If you have both Arduino an ...

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Interfacing LabVIEW With Arduino

Interfacing LabVIEW With Arduino In previous article of Getting Started with LabVIEW, we have seen about LabVIEW and how it can be graphically programmed and executed in computer (software level). Now in this article we learn about How to Interface LabVIEW with Arduino Board. Requirements To interface LabVIEW with Arduino, you require the following software’s and hardware’s, LabVIEW (software) NI VISA (soft ...

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