Audible Frequency Chirp Sonar with the Stellaris Launchpad

Over the last year I've been working towards an underwater sonar system for ROVs and surface boats. In order to learn the basic signal processing required to detect the echoes, I initially got a simple sonar working in air with a desktop conferencing USB speaker/mic running on Windows. A writeup, including source, is here. That article describes the algorithms used in detail and would be a good read if you ...

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Build An Audible Memory Chest [Instructables How-To]

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series then we also bet you were pretty taken with Hogwarts headmaster Dumbledore’s pensive—the magical object that could not only store memories, but actually let people fall into and re-experience the events. This week’s Instructables How-To from aspiring Tel Aviv-based hacker and inventor, Zvizvi, shows you how to make a box that stores audible memories, though the imm ...

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