SunAir Solar Power Controller Board/Tracker/Phone Charger

Fully Assembled Solar Cell Controller Board and Sun Tracker for Arduinos /Raspberry Pi / Phone Charging. Plus Open Source Drivers.

About this project

What is SunAir and SunAirPlus?

Ever wanted to build your own Solar Powered Raspberry Pi or Arduino system? Β That is what this Kickstarter is all about!! Β SunAir and SunAirPlus are 3rd Generation Solar Charging and Sun Tracking Boards designed by Dr. John C. Shovic at SwitchDoc Labs.

SunAir Solar Power Controller Board

Use Cases: Β Build your project!

  • Solar Power System for your Arduino / Raspberry Pi
  • Solar Power Charger for your Phone or Battery Pack
  • Track the Sun and Turn the Panels for 25%-30% More Power
  • Study, measure and improve the performance of your system
  • Build a solar powered robot
  • Build a remote data monitoring system

You can use this board to power your projects and add a servo or stepper motor to allow it to track the sun using photoresistors to generate even more power! It incorporates a number of outstanding features in a very compact, inexpensive single fully assembled and tested PC Board.

SunAir and SunAirPlus are customizable with your software and hardware. Β We are raising money to bring the final version of the 3rd Generation SunAir board to the market. Β The other major goal is to bring the more complex SunAirPlus board to the market in early 2015.


For more detail: SunAir Solar Power Controller Board/Tracker/Phone Charger


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