SunAir Solar Power Controller Board/Tracker/Phone Charger

Fully Assembled Solar Cell Controller Board and Sun Tracker for Arduinos /Raspberry Pi / Phone Charging. Plus Open Source Drivers.

About this project

What is SunAir and SunAirPlus?

Ever wanted to build your own Solar Powered Raspberry Pi or Arduino system?  That is what this Kickstarter is all about!!  SunAir and SunAirPlus are 3rd Generation Solar Charging and Sun Tracking Boards designed by Dr. John C. Shovic at SwitchDoc Labs.

SunAir Solar Power Controller Board

Use Cases:  Build your project!

  • Solar Power System for your Arduino / Raspberry Pi
  • Solar Power Charger for your Phone or Battery Pack
  • Track the Sun and Turn the Panels for 25%-30% More Power
  • Study, measure and improve the performance of your system
  • Build a solar powered robot
  • Build a remote data monitoring system

You can use this board to power your projects and add a servo or stepper motor to allow it to track the sun using photoresistors to generate even more power! It incorporates a number of outstanding features in a very compact, inexpensive single fully assembled and tested PC Board.

SunAir and SunAirPlus are customizable with your software and hardware.  We are raising money to bring the final version of the 3rd Generation SunAir board to the market.  The other major goal is to bring the more complex SunAirPlus board to the market in early 2015.


For more detail: SunAir Solar Power Controller Board/Tracker/Phone Charger


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