Starry Night Ceiling Tiles using Arduino

Hello! Are you ready to witness my biggest project yet?? Well lets get started!

It all started up in Utah, (I was visiting some friends) and the sky looked so beautiful compared to the star-less sky down south. So instead of creating my own stars I created my own stars! Confused? lets take a closer look…

Starry Night Ceiling Tiles using Arduino

Step 1: Measure Your Room and Foamboard

First things first, you have to measure and draw an outline of your room from a birds-eye point of view. I used inches. This is important because you dint want to over-spend on unused supplies.

Step 2: Draw your Room and Select Stars

This is what I came out with, and I estimated the amount of needed tiles and than labeled each tile with a star name. (Thanks Google!!)

Step 3: Creating your Stars

I used a silver colored pencil to mark where the stars were going to go and than I used an x-acto knife to make some holes, DONT forget to label your stars and number them!

Step 4: Let the Soldering Begin!

Next solder your leds together, I did all of the negative leads first than the positive leads afterward so I don’t mix-up the connections. Tinning the wires will help you and is recommended in this but it is not required. And your helping hands are your best friends!!!

Step 5: Glue Down leds

Next I glued my leds onto the board so they wont come loose while I put them off.

Starry Night Ceiling Tiles using Arduino circuit

Step 6: Resistors!

Use anything between 150 and 220 ohm resistors to protect your circuit. Solder them onto the positive lead of the led, you wont want them to blow out while they are on your ceiling!


For more detail: Starry Night Ceiling Tiles using Arduino

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