ST bipolar transistor handles higher current levels


Key Features

  • Very low collector-emitter saturation voltage
  • High current gain characteristic
  • Fast switching speed
  • Miniature SOT-23 plastic package ECOPACK®2 grade for surface mounting circuits

 ST bipolar transistor handles higher current levels

STMicroelectronics has introduced a range of bipolar power transistors with significantly increased current handling capability.

The 3STR1630 is an NPN transistor manufactured using a planar technology which incorporates a double-metal process that allows the cell density to be almost doubled using standard photolithography equipment.

The result is an increase in the current capability by about 50% for the same die size, said the supplier.

The double-metal process also increases the voltage handling capability of the transistors which have Vceo ratings up to 100V and switching frequencies up to 300kHz.

There is also a 40% reduction in Vce(sat).

The first device in the family, the 3STR1630, has a minimum BVCEO of 30V.

“This offers the best compromise between a 28V blocking voltage capability and minimum Vce(sat), with an equivalent on-resistance of only 100 milliOhms at hFE figure of 50,” said the supplier.

The device can handle a continuous current as high as 6A while being housed in a small outline SOT-23 package.


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