Sony uses Intersil in internet cameras technology


SLOC™ (Security Link Over Coax) is a transmission protocol for simultaneously transmitting analog CVBS video and digital IP video over a single coaxial cable.

The TW3811 is the receiving end of a SLOC link, converting the single SLOC signal on the coaxial cable back to separate Ethernet digital video data and analog CVBS video. It can be embedded into a DVR to enable one or more SLOC inputs or configured as a stand-alone SLOC-to-IP+CVBS converter.

The TW3811 includes an AFE, digital modem, and two Ethernet MII/RMII interfaces. The device accepts a SLOC output signal from a SLOC transmitter and decodes it into an analog CVBS signal and an Ethernet MII signal.


    • Single-Channel SLOC receiver modem
    • Multi-Channel SLOC receiver modem
    • Embedded DVR

Key Features

    • Simultaneous transmission of IP video data and analog CVBS video over up to 500m of RG59 coaxial cable
    • Analog CVBS video preview support
    • Proprietary adaptive analog equalizer for extending the reach of CVBS video
    • Proprietary SLOC-based IP camera detection
    • Creates a full-duplex 100BASE-T digital link
    • 36Mbps downlink speed from TW3801 to TW3811
    • 4Mbps uplink for SLOC compliance
    • Ethernet MAC MII/RMII interface for interfacing to DVR/NVR network processor SoC
    • Optional Ethernet PHY MII/RMII interface for interfacing to external Ethernet PHY chip
    • I2C 2-wire control interface
    • Integrated PLL with 25MHz crystal interface
    • 1.8V, 3.3V supplies
    • 100-TQFP (12x12mm) Package

Sony uses Intersil technology in internet cameras

Intersil has said that Sony will incorporate its security-link-over-coax (SLOC) technology into internet-based security cameras.

The cameras are used in IP video surveillance systems.

The SLOC technology allows simultaneous transmission of analogue CVBS video and digital IP video over a single coaxial cable.

This allows mega-pixel IP cameras to operate on existing CCTV coaxial infrastructure at distances of up to 500 metres, said Intersil.

The techniology, which is used in Intersil’s TW3801 and TW3811, will be incorporated directly into Sony’s security cameras in 2011.

“Together, we will help accelerate the growth of IP Security Systems within the video surveillance market,” said Susan Hardman, senior v-p of Intersil’s analog and mixed signal group.

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