SmartMatrix project

I’ve now reworked the AnimatedGIF and Light Appliance sketches into hopefully their final form and I will stop spamming this list so often. If you go to you will find the following files: which is a collection of GIFs used by both AnimatedGIF and LightAppliance sketches. which is the new version of the AnimatedGIFs sketch which is the new version of the LightAppliance sketch.

SmartMatrix project
The Light Appliance now has a general animations mode in addition to a Christmas mode, a Halloween mode, a Valentines mode and a 4th of July mode.
For anyone interested in more detail about the Light Appliance, I’m writing an article for (I believe) the Oct issue of Nuts and Volts magazine which will detail the hardware and software necessary to recreate the Light Appliance.
Hope you find this helpful. Cheers,
Craig Lindley

by Pup05 » Fri Jul 04, 2014 11:22 am

I finally got my SmartMatrix mounted nicely.

I picked up a 8″x8″ black shadow box from Michaels.

The panel fits perfectly, just had to shim it with a little bit of folded card stock on each side. There’s plenty of room for the Teensy and SmartMatrix board, wiring, SD card, etc. I cut out a piece of white printer paper to size, and placed it between the panel and the glass for a bit of diffusion. The magnetic feet that came with my panel from Adafruit fit perfectly, and keep the panel pushed against the paper and glass. I cut a notch in the bottom of the back, just big enough for the power cord, USB cable, and IR receiver.

For more detail: SmartMatrix project

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