Simple USB Isolator

This is the PCB from No components are included, PCB only.

In one of the earlier SMD workshops I’ve running at VHS I managed to temporarily kill my new MacBook pro when I plugged in a participant’s prototype. I revived it by removing the back cover and disconnecting the battery all the time chanting to myself, must get a usb isolator, must get a usb isolator, must get a usb isolator…..

Simple USB Isolator

This is a nice simple soldering project that does exactly that, isolates your USB port from connected devices. There are two input usb connectors, one carries data and power from the computer the other supplies power to the output. The output comes from a 3rd USB A connector. There is no power/ground/data connection between the computer and connected devices other than through the isolator chip. This board has two grounds, two power supplies etc.


For more detail: Simple USB Isolator


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