[Said Alyami] – [Funny Cartoon Sounds with a twist] arduino


My project is about providing multiple saved cartoon sounds then do funny effect on them through controlling the speed of play either faster or slower.

it contains 4 sound files:   Crazy Frog, Bird is the Word “by Family Guy”, oompa loompa “by Willy Wonka movie”, and a guitar chord to give one of the cartoon background sounds.

[Said Alyami] – [Funny Cartoon Sounds with a twist]

Functional Description

The project work through saving 4 sound files on hard disk to be called when operating, Arduino1 work through Com port 5 and its connected to 4 photo sensors , each one of them will work as a switch to be On when its dark to the value (SensorValue/4)> 100 which is very dark , and will be Off when less than that value.

The second Arduino is connected through Com 6 and work on one photo sensor that will provide the value for changing the speed of playing any sound file up and down , depending on the value of the sensor reading. Making it possible to play different files with one hand on one Arduino and control the speed of the playing through the other hand on the other Arduino.

on the Pd, I have created a sound player that play in loops so that when playing one file, you don’t need to replay the file again and again.

[Said Alyami] – [Funny Cartoon Sounds with a twist]

Technical Description

I could do the function of the 4 sensors on Arduino 1 through Switches, however I preferred to use photo sensors to get more knowledge about that and make it more cool about controlling the On-Off function.

The Pd patch work on 2 active com port, for com port 1 that tells the patch which sensor is pressed, I let the arduino send specific value for each sensor in ASCII, for file 1 which is triggered through sensor 1 the value sent is 48 , for file 2 and sensor 2 the value is 49 , for sensor 3 and 4 the vlues are 50 and 51.   when there is no sensor is triggered then the default value is 88


For more detail: [Said Alyami] – [Funny Cartoon Sounds with a twist]

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