Do-it-yourself PIN-diode counter

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Traditional versus PIN Diode Geiger Counter

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Do-it-yourself PIN-diode counter

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DIY instructions for traditional Geiger-Muller tube geiger counters

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Do-it-yourself PIN-diode counter


The Tino Kit – now available for the interessted community

The Radiation Detection Shield “Tino” for the Arduino – professional calibrated measurement of radioactivity with the Teviso radiation sensor

The Tino Shield is a plug-on PCB stacked on an Arduino microcontroller board. With the Arduino it forms a real measurement instrument calibrated by Teviso, Switzerland, the manufacturer of the radiation sensor module. This shield is now available as kit for DIY assembly.

Arduino programs for the Tino shield can be found on the download page.

Description of the kit

Ordering options, prices and shipment infos


Yes, it really works: You can measure the specific radon activity in a given air volume with a geiger counter. There are web pages that state the opposite.

This graph shows the measurement result of radon exhalation in a chamber which was filled with a granite stone from Menzenschwand (Black Forest area) at time zero. After ten days the stone was removed carefully and the chamber was closed again continuing the measurement. Finally, after 18 days the chamber was opened completely and the detector was kept on running. The pile-up of radon activity with the half-life constant of 3.8 days is clearly visible followed by disintegration with the same time constant. Well, it was not a normal geiger counter that was used for this measurement. It was the “Radon-Geigerle”, a modified version of the “Stuttgarter Geigerle” that was made sensitive to alpha radiation. However, the cost and effort was surprisingly small, it is only required to exchange the photodiodes. During further investigation it turned out that even regular granite building material exhales quite a lot of radon depending on the source of origin and the content of uranium. More in the follwing documents.


For more detail: Do-it-yourself PIN-diode counter

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