Next-generation MOSFETs cut on-resistance

Extending Infineon Technologies’ OptiMOS 5 portfolio of power MOSFETs are 80-V and 100-V variants optimized for high switching frequencies used in synchronous rectification applications for telecom and server power supplies, as well as industrial applications such as solar, low-voltage drives, and power adapters. OptiMOS 5 devices slash on-resistance by up to 45% for 80-V parts and up to 24% for 100-V parts compared to the previous generation.

Next-generation MOSFETs cut on-resistance

Additionally, the OptiMOS 5 80-V variant offers a 38% reduction in output charge and the 100-V variant a 25% reduction. Less output charge means reduced switching losses and lower voltage overshoot in hard switching topologies and synchronous rectification. Moreover, a reduction in gate charge of 24% for 80-V devices and 29% for 100-V devices also reduces switching losses, especially at light load operation and in applications requiring high efficiency throughout the entire load range.

The OptiMOS 5 80-V and 100-V MOSFETS are offered in seven different packages: SuperSO8, S308, TO-Leadless, TO-220, TO-220 FullPAK, D²PAK, and 7-pin D²PAK with RDS(on) ratings ranging from 1 to 4 mΩ, 4 to 8 mΩ, and 8 to 12 mΩ for 80-V parts and 1 to 4 mΩ, 4 to 8 mΩ, and 8 to 10 mΩ for 100-V parts. Samples are available in both voltage classes and all packages. The products are in volume production.

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