Mathematical formula that converts voltage to weight the HX711 is using

Coding wise all good but ive been searching and reading everywhere but still could not find how the HX711 converts voltage coming from the load cell into weight? is there a formula that converts voltage to weight ? if so whatt is this mathematical formula that the HX711 is using?
I tried to see if maybe the arduino does the conversion of the voltage to weight but still no clue.
It would be a great help if u could point me to the right article or the formula in question because i want to understand the principle behind going from voltage to weight and if you would be kind to explain if the microcontroller does the conversion to weight and the hx711 just amplifies the signal or not.

I use a 5 kg loadcell and a NodeMCU ESP8266 microcontroller with a load cell input voltage of 3.3 V

Loadcell Specifications:
Rated Load: 5Kg
Rated Output: 1.0mV/V±0.15mV/V
Zero Output: ±0.1mV/V
Creep: 0.03%F.S./30min
Input End: Red+(power), Black-(power)
Output End: Blue/Green+(signal), White-(signal)
Recommended operating voltage: 3 ~ 12 VDC
Maximum operating voltage: 15 VDC
Input Impedance: 1115±10%?
Output Impedance: 1000±10%?
Protection class: IP65

Source: Mathematical formula that converts voltage to weight the HX711 is using

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