Massive Operation board game created using Arduino

If you are going to the Philadelphia Mini Maker Faire next month taking place on October 6th 2019 a massive Operation board game will be on show created by SPOT Technology. Measuring 9 feet tall the oversized version of the Operation board game created by Hasbro is powered by Arduino circuitry and micro controllers.

Check out the video below to learn more about the controlling 3 axis CNC-style arm which allows you to make the operations and remove your required pieces using an arcade style control unit.

“In true robosurgery fashion, there’s a webcam that goes along for the ride to give the surgeon a close-up look. Just stay away from those edges! There’s a button on the tip of the actuator that sets off the alarm if you miss the hole and hit the surface of the board, thereby ending your turn. Each organ is made of foam, faced with a piece of sheet metal, and hung from a hook made of coat hanger wire. That sheet metal allows the gripper to use an electromagnet to pick each piece up.”

For more information on the project jump over to the SPOT Technology website following the link below.

Source: Massive Operation board game created using Arduino

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