Make a Bronze Infinity YouTube Play Button Subscriber Counter

In this post we will discuss Make a Bronze Infinity YouTube Play Button Subscriber Counter: Sometimes when people reach different milestones on YouTube, they will create their own play button. I decided that I would love to do that too, and I also wanted to have a subscriber counter. So to accomplish both goals, I came up with this: an Infinity Play Button! The infinity has a double meaning here because it has the subscriber counter AND the play button mirror is also an infinity mirror.

For the infinity mirror, I just used a regular LED strip controller. For the subscriber counter display, that’s being controlled by an Arduino. I didn’t create the code that I used here, but I found this video made by the person who did create the code.

Here is a video that I made where I updated their video:

I have also made a video of this Instructable, and you can check that out here:

This was a pretty big project. Hopefully, I described the steps well, and it is very important to also refer to the pictures that I have added.

Here is what I used for it:

Tools for Make a Bronze Infinity YouTube Play Button Subscriber Counter:


Step 1: Make the Layout

On my computer, I made a layout of how I wanted the play button to look and printed it out. I wanted a subscriber counter, and I used this LED matrix display for that. For the play button mirror, I used this 5 1/2 round mirror.

On this sheet of copper colored aluminum, I marked all of my lines. The aluminum sheet is 12″ x 14 1/2″ and the final play button will be 8 1/2″ x 11″. I added alignment lines to help me center and align the play button emblem. After attaching it to the metal sheet, I traced around it. I used double-sided removable tape to help me hold it in place. I also drew the triangle in place, extending each of the lines.

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