Lattice FPGA Voice Processors

Voice Detection & Recognition Solutions

Enabling Always-On Voice Input Applications While Maximizing Battery Life

Low Power, Always-on, Accurate, Responsive

Consumers increasingly want to use voice commands to interact with their smartphones and other consumer electronic devices. Enabling reliable and accurate voice input applications while simultaneously minimizing the impact to battery life is a clear priority for manufacturers.

 Lattice FPGA Voice Processors

Lattice’s Voice Solution consists two IP: “Voice Command,” which supports hands-free and always-on applications, and “Voice Recognition,” which improves the user experience by enhancing security and reducing false trigger inputs.

Function Description Purpose
Human Voice Detection Discriminates a humans voice from other voice band signals Determine if a sound is human
Voice Biometrics Identifies the unique voice signature of one person; Enables voice passwords Determine if the voice heard comes from the authorized device “owner”
Voice Command Learning Identifies and remembers a single spoken command Determines if a special command has been spoken by the “owner”


For more detail:  Lattice FPGA Voice Processors

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