Introducing Maker – Michael Shiloh

Teach me to make” as simple as it sounds is a simple yet powerful effort on wordpress by a maker from USA. Apart from being a true maker, Michael Shiloh is an absolutely delightful and an approachable person to talk to. His sense of purpose in his work was very much apparent in my short, yet interesting conversation with him. Here are some widely and less known things about the teacher, student and entrepreneur.

Introducing Maker – Michael Shiloh

Priya: What brought your interest in electronics? What is the very first project that you fondly remember completing till date?
Michael: Ever since I remember, I have been taking things apart and putting them back. The important thing is to pay attention to details while doing that. Like, where the screw fits, what part goes where, what are the names of the parts etc. even if one is not able to know the full functioning one should be able to call the parts by the name and know where they fit and what they do. Growing up at a time with limited resources, left only one option of harvesting old electronic parts. I suggest every aspiring-maker to do that!

(Gives a pause) As for the finishing part, I never finished a lot of projects, and I had a LOT of unfinished projects sitting around me in my room. But the important part was, that I caught hold of a lot of basics while making them. Not stopping, is important.


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