Infinite Loop – Prototype I Final Report: Hazardous Weather Warning System using arduino


The LED warning system notifies local residents of emergency withing the area.  The difference in the color of the LED will allow residents to differentiate between different warnings.  Each shelter building has a person who is in charge of unlocking the door for residents to enter.  Once the person is in the room they will flip a switch for a specific warning that is defined by the facility.  For example, red could mean there is a severe thunderstorm warning, and it would be illuminated on the top of each building via LED.

Infinite Loop – Prototype I Final Report

Our goal with the prototype is simply that, to create a single LED light that when a switch is flipped it will illuminate a certain color.  Each individual switch will illuminate the LED a different color.  This is starting with the simplest way to solve the problem that was presented to us.

Parts Used:

1 Arduino Uno


3 Toggle Switches

3 1K Ohm Resistors

1 Bread Board

1 Dell XPS

Misc Wire

Being powered by the laptop, throws of the toggle switches will turn the LED to different colors.  Leaving multiple switches turned into the on position will produce even more colors for the LED.  The LED is set up with a common anode and three (3) cathodes.

Infinite Loop – Prototype I Final Report


We originally started by simply hard wiring the LED and completing the circuits for each different cathode to produce different colors.  As pictured above the common anode receives +5v and the cathodes are grounded.  The +5v and ground come from the arduino which is powered via USB from the computer.  Each wire to a cathode also contains one (1) 1k Ohm resistor.  To switch between colors we complete the circuit on the ground side.  The results are in the picture below.


For more detail: Infinite Loop – Prototype I Final Report: Hazardous Weather Warning System

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