Hybrid Play: Turn any playground into a video game

Mix real and digital game worlds, play video games outside and create your own Hybrid Games!

What is Hybrid Play?

Hybrid Play is a device for you and your children to experience and create new virtual adventures, and play them in playgrounds and parks. Play video games outside using the playground as a control interface. Hybrid Play promotes outdoor physical activity, verbal communication, and teamwork. Help us shape a new way to play!

Turn any playground into a video game

How it Works!

Setting up Hybrid Play is easy and intuitive, requiring three simple steps.

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Who’s it for?

Hybrid Play was designed for kids aged 6-12, and for parents who want to create with technology. It’s a fun, stimulating way to create and discover incredible video games, play outdoor, make exercise and communicate with other people.


For more detail: Hybrid Play: Turn any playground into a video game

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