HID Attack Over WiFi Using Arduino MKR1000

Arduino MKR1000 as a HID, for performing HID penetration testing over WiFi networks.

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Arduino MKR1000
Arduino MKR1000
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Here, the board is programmed in such a way that, whenever I power it up, it will connect to my mobile phones WiFi network and starts a web server at port 80, which can be accessed from any web browser in my phone.

So what I can do is connect this board to my victim PCs back USB port and walk away so that the victim wont be suspicious. Now I can open up a browser, go to MKR1000 board’s IP address and wait for the victim to walk away from his computer. When he is away from the computer, if the PC is not locked, we can easily do HID attacks remotely.

One advantage of this is we can store multiple commands in this baord and we can issue one by one from our phone whenever we want. Which means, we can use this same for multiple devices without uploading the code each time for each purposes.

How To Do It?

 Video Tutorial


Download, Install and Setup Arduino IDE

First thing to do is download and install Arduino IDE from Here.

Once you install it, now its time to add Arduino MKR1000 board to the board manager.

Then you have to install WiFi101 library from the library manager.

Download the Code

The code is available in the github. You can download it from Here.

This was written as experimental code and it is not well written. I have plans to update the code with support for other OS and more complicated attacks in the future.




HID or Human Interface Devices are Devices that takes input from human and pass it on to the device connected to it. HID devices includes keyboard, joystick, mouse, touch pad, graphic tablet etc. There is a Library available in arduino which enables Digispark to acts as a keyboard and send keystrokes to PC. We are making use of this library to execute a metasploit reverse shell python code in the victim’s machine and gain a reverse shell. Here, we will be using an Arduino Board, Arduino MKR1000 to integrate wireless network connectivity and perform HID attacks over WiFi — Read More

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